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Who We Are
Strong believers in truly unbiased financial advice
We believe that every client looking for long-term investment guidance should work with a fiduciary. We want people in the right situation for themselves, so that they can focus on the things that matter to them without worry of dealing with the next financial crisis.
PrePair was founded by professionals who felt the investment landscape was too confusing. Numerous times finance professionals would come to us for help in having their portfolios managed. Too often, people select investment professionals through the advice of a family member or friend without understanding the actual product or service.
Our core belief is that all clients should work with a Fiduciary. When you get investment advice from banks and brokers, they are held to a lower legal standard. They are allowed to put their interests ahead of yours. If people only worked with Fiduciary, the financial services industry would never have the negative reputation that it has today.
Fraud Protection
When we work with any client, we make sure your advisor uses a separate custodian for the people managing your money. Our advisors all use firms like TD Ameritrade, Fidelity, or Charles Schwab to custody your assets. The advisor is only able to make trades in your account and has no ability to change custodian or withdrawal money on your behalf. You are never in a situation where "Madoff" could be possible.
Benefits of PrePair
Low fees paired with tax-efficient investing
Fully transparent investment strategies and practices
Top technology with real human contact
Knowledgeable and engaged customer support systems
Complete account access
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