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A simple in-house solution producing expert results
If your investment needs are simple and you want to work with us directly, we provide in-house services to help you create a financial plan that best fits your needs and objectives.
We believe in technology and give you access to best-in-class software to help track and monitor your financial goals, including a mobile app that lets you aggregate outside accounts for financial simplicity. We also understand that human contact is critical, so you'll have access to a dedicated, highly qualified investment advisor.

SimplyPaired offers the best of both worlds by combining technology to keep our costs low and offering personal service and access to real people whenever you need it. Get SimplyPaired Today
Fees Matter
On a long-term basis, fees can seriously erode your investment potential. Finding the best, low-fee advisor can make a huge difference to your bottom line.
* published by Bernice Napach on ThinkAdvisor.com
* based on hypothetical accounts
We also offer…
Our signature service transitioning clients from banks and brokers to fiduciary Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs)
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401k Pairing
For Plan Sponsors. Work with PrePair to find the right plan for the company and employees
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SmartPairing by PrePair Financial
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