Why PrePair
Client First Investing
A shift away from banks and brokers
The Move from Broker First to Client First
They sold stock and made a commission which was a necessary service before computers.
Discount Brokers
Changed the way stock was bought and sold and opened up investing to the masses.
Financial Advisors
Brokers rebranded their name and still charged commission for selling products potentially leading clients astray.
Robo Advisors
Well intentioned but simply grouping all investors to buckets and managing assets towards one goal. No personalization.
The way investing should be done. Truly client focused and legally putting client interests first.
The way people get advice is changing for good
Clients have access to fiduciaries who will work in their best interests. No longer are the days clients have to allow banks and brokers to put their best interests ahead of them. Clients now look to RIA's as long-term partners in their investment needs.
Small niche markets make it difficult for consumers
  • Large banks and brokers dominate advertising
  • Client referrals provide 75% of new assets to RIA's
  • At the end of 2015, estimated 32,000 RIA firms
That's Why We Built PrePair
A Personalized Solution for This Investment Landscape
Custom Tailored Long-Term Advice
We work with you to discover your needs and preferences, and will recommend a long-term investment partner.
We've done the vetting. Our advisors manage several billion in investments.
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